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Hi friend. I'm David.

I come from a background that says that I must do His will. But getting here now was a long, winding road. Not for the squeamish. But, here I am anyway.

This ministry has got a lot of potential to change lives. I hope that it does. It may even change your life. And mine also. Let’s see what happens when we investigate the possibilities.

Koinonia was the winning word for 2018 spelling bee’s champion, 14-year-old speller Karthik Nemmani. A Greek word defined as “spiritual community,” it’s better known to believers as a term used to refer to Christian fellowship, or communion itself.

Your attendance at church doesn’t stack up points in your favor. So Koinonia wasn’t reserved for the church-goers. What, you say? How can you say that? Let’s allow famous preacher John Stott to say it:

First, koinonia expresses what we share in together, what we have received together, what we participate in together. That is the grace of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. So the apostle John, at the beginning of his first letter, says, “Our fellowship [koinonia] is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ”…

But koinonia also bears witness to what we share outward together—not only what we receive together, but what we give together. Koinonia is the word that Paul uses of the collection that he was organizing from the Greek churches for the benefit of the poverty-stricken churches in Judea. And koinonikos, the adjective, means “generous.”

We can be generous without going to church. However, there’s more to the story.


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